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  NO$GBA PC Minimum System Requirements for the NoGBA Emulator

Of course, one of the most basic things that a gamer about to install a software have to know is if the software matches the specifications of the PC that he or she may have.  The NoGBA emulator, just like any other regular software out there has its own system requirement which is essential for it to be operating or launched. 

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There are rumors that even the earliest PC processors will be able to match the specs of this emulator but things could really be slow for the player and the computer. If you will ask me personally about the best minimum system requirements, I can readily tell you some. These specs worked for me and I am quite sure that it will all work for your case too provided you will follow carefully. A processor that is at industry standard today will suffice but it will be necessary that the RAM will be given a boost on order to compensate for those slower versions. A 256 MB RAM is a pain in the head so if you have it, it is very necessary to be doing a quick upgrade to at least 1 GB. The video card should have a high capacity too as this will compensate for the lack of memory. If you have a shared memory, things could be a lot slower. An updated OS, a mouse, and a gaming mouse pad are of course necessary too.

NoSgba 3DS Version? No$3DS ?

At this time there are no plans for a 3DS version of the No$GBA, so all rumors of the No$3DS are false and you be sure that you will never have to pay for this emulator or fill out some lame survey to get a BIOS file!

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